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Message from the Chairman

Dear TECSA Members,

Thank you for supporting me and electing me as the seventh chairman for Taipei Electronic Components Suppliers' Association (TECSA). I feel very much honored. I am grateful to my predecessor Chairman Chu Yao-kwang for his contribution during the six-year tenure. By way of various events and constant communication efforts, he had enhanced electronic component distributors' role and value in the supply chain of the industry. In order to carry on with Mr. Chu's efforts and achievements, I shoulder many responsibilities. With a humble mindset, I will do my best for TECSA.

The role of Taiwan-based electronic component distributors in the Asia-Pacific semiconductor market grows more important by the day. In 2007, the market share of Taiwan electronic component distributors in Asia-Pacific market had surpassed 40%. Both medium-large and added-value distributors have secured the "pivot" position in the semiconductor supply chain. Having been around for the longest time, Taiwanese distributors have extensive knowledge in supplying, manufacturing, and the overall supply chain. Our special advantage and service niches lie in our close interaction and high degree of informationalization. In this new era of "Three Direct Links," Taiwan electronic component distributors should seize the moment, expand regional cooperation while stimulating industry growth. Such is our major goal for the future.

For the next three years, our main tasks at TECSA are as follows. Please feel free to send your suggestions at any time.

  1. Increasing the membership for TECSA:
  2. Maintaining and developing industry-government relations across the Straight:
    - Increasing our participation in the institution of cross-strait industry standards;
    - Optimizing the logistics condition dedicated for electronic component distributors;
  3. Continuing to cooperate with fellow trade associations in three cross-strait places:
    - Increasing social activities among members and communications with Mainland colleagues; developing more alliance opportunities;
    - Assisting members in understanding Mainland colleagues and their electronic component supply chains;
  4. Providing a platform for education/training and consulting: Holding trade shows, seminars, and trainings;
  5. Setting up E-platform for industry communication and information supply;

Taiwan-based electronic component distributors are commanding more and more influence on the industry; a joint driving force is being organized quietly. The key factor for Taiwanese distributors to prevail in the competitive Asia-Pacific market will depend on our members' utilizing specialties and sharing information. Going forward, as our members venture overseas seeking for more growth and optimal management, TECSA hopefully will offer the most timely communication/service platform and enhance our members' opportunities for strategic alliance, partnership, and merger. In this industry network system, our voice will be heard as we take the high ground and develop new strategic values.

I look forward to receiving suggestions and stimuli from all my distinguished colleagues at any time. Let us all actively take part in TECSA affairs. Hopefully we are able to provide all members with fairer and quicker cooperative services. Further, we hope to create a win-win situation for all Taiwan-based electronic component distributors!

With Sincere Gratitude and Best Regards

Simon Huang , Chairman
Taipei Electronic Components Suppliers' Association