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Evolution of TECSA

The establishment of TECSA began when members from the Taipei Semiconductor Corporations Association applied to the Department of Interior, proposing a revision of business group categorization standards. The additional group of electronic components businesses was requested, so that the formation of TECSA had a legal reference. The first reply to this request was that such businesses are mostly operations dealing with management, computers and accessory equipment and so only needed to enter the Computer Businesses Association. Thus our case was put off for some time. The second reply from the government limited the type of companies that could join to those having to do with the manufacture and sales of electronic components. It was also emphasized the necessity and importance of the establishment of this discrete business sector, and in December 1989 the Taipei Bureau of Social Affairs informed the Department of Interior to meet with the Department of Economics to define this new category of Electronic Components Businesses.

After over two years of persistent efforts our association formally gained legal stature and on May 4, 1990, the inaugural assembly took place. Initial membership included over twenty companies, and after a decade of enthusiastic participation and support from board members, supervisors and members, our services have dynamically expanded and now we have close to 200 member companies.


1st : 1990.05---Albert Wang /Vice President of Lite-on Inc.
2nd : 1993.04---John Hsuan /President of United Microelectronics Corporation
3rd : 1996.06---John Hsuan /Co-CEO United Microelectronics Corporation
4th : 1999.07---T.L. Lin /Vice chairman of World Peace Industrial Co., Ltd.
5th : 2002.07---Y. K. Chu /President of AECO Technology Ltd.
6th : 2005.07---Y. K. Chu /President of AECO Technology Ltd.